VILA token Launch!!!

Reward Driven Crypto Exchange

BlockVila is a Value and Reward driven one stop shop for all your crypto services such as Crypto Marketplace, Staking, Crypto Academy and mining.

Why Choose Blockvila.

Blockvila operates a crypto-Fiat exchange since 2016, Blockvila also provides various other crypto related products and services. We believe biggest advancement comes from opening our doors to the worldwide crypto community, which is why we are dedicated to education and open-source advancement within the cryptocurrency space..

Safe and Secure

We believe in a security-first exchange and Blockvila is built to high standards of security to prevent hacks and compromise to user's funds.

Sound Compliance

Our team has a wealth of experience in developing and managing top-level financial systems. In addition, we understand the demands of developing an exchange that will stand the test of time within the crypto space.

Referral Bonus

Each user will be rewarded 20% trading fees of all trades completed by their referrals.

Zero Fee

Staking VILA token gives the users the ability to access Blockvila services with no fees charge, such as, Zero transaction fees and Free Crypto Academy Courses.

Excellent Support

Blockvila is built with the welfare of traders as a major priority. We have a unique support system within the platform where customers complaints are answered within minuites.

Leader Benefits

Blockvila understands that the traders are an important part of the company and we tend to make them leaders on our platform to be part of the company beneficiaries every quarter by rewarding them with 20% of the company’s Revenue from trade.

Vision Statement

Our Vision.

To be the leading, secured and most reliable platform for all BlockChain Technology needs through innovative digital products in Africa and world at large, and to create a futuristic community of people driven by the innovative technology of the blockchain to make the world a better place.


Blockvila will launch a native DeFi token called VILA. VILA is developed with the purpose of easing payments within the Blockvila exchanges and for staking. A total of 30,000,000 VILA will be issued never to be increased and will run on the Binance blockchain as an BEP-20 standard token.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission.

To inspire, create, promote and spread economic opportunities, products as well as experiences in the blockchain space through projects structured to actively engage Blockchain enthusiasts.

Within our resources, Blockvila hopes to build world class exchange capable of promoting crypto adoption in Africa and as well as simplifying its use across the globe.

We are Blockvila

Future Projects

We plan to roll out the following features in roughly the following order:

  • Spot & Margin Trading
  • More addition of currency pairs
  • Futures & Option trading
  • Cryptocurrency payment system (Credit and debit card)
  • Copy Trading
  • Real Estate Investment opportunities using VILA Stable token.
  • Remittance Services.
  • Academy

VILA Token Benefits.

VILA is a payment token at Blockvila Exchange, by which the trading fee, listing fee can be paid. Furthermore, VILA provides a number of utilities within the exchange platform, which include but are not be limited to:


Holders of VILA can stake their assets to earn 40% in VILA yearly and enjoy Zero Fee on our trading and Academy platform.

Fee discounts and Zero Fees

Trading fee discounts on Blockvila exchanges when you hold VILA in your wallet. Staking VILA token gives the users the ability to access Blockvila services with no fees charge, such as, Zero transaction fees and Free Crypto Academy Courses.

Increased referral bonus

Increased referral bonus based on the amount of the VILA holdings.

Early access

Early access to new features (dependent on VILA holding).


VILA Token Allocation (30,000,000 total VILA tokens).

Airdrop and Bounty: 1,500,000 VILA
Token sales: 12,000,000 VILA
Team: 4,500,000 VILA
Strategic Reserve: 12,000,000 VILA

VILA Token Purchase Details

The private token sales has ended.

Token sales price

$0.05 (subject to discount)

Soft cap


Hard Cap


Token Sales
Referral Benefits

Blockvila will award 5% bonus to users who refers a friend to purchase VILA token. The referrer has the option to choose to receive the Bonus either in BTC, ETH or VILA. Blockvila will integrate other token sale referral benefits.

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VILA Token Listing

Listing of VILA token on pancakeswap is on 5th August.

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