VILA coin Launch!!!

World’s first Cashback and Profit sharing P2P Crypto exchange

Blockvila has launched the Beta version of its World first Trade and earn Peer to Peer trading Marketplace, which reward top users with 20% of the company’s profit , with 100% Cashback on all fees to all traders. The Launch of the P2P Crypto trading Platform will take place once we achieve the successful conclusion of the beta testing.

Why Choose Blockvila.

Blockvila operates a Fiat to crypto exchange since 2016, Blockvila also provides various other crypto related products and services. We believe biggest advancement comes from opening our doors to the worldwide crypto community, which is why we are dedicated to education and open-source advancement within the cryptocurrency space..

Safe and Secure

Our platform incorporates multiple layers of protection, using the most reliable and effective technologies.

Sound Compliance

Professional and Experienced compliance team to ensure high levels of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering review.

Referral Bonus

20% of all your referral trading fees will be rewarded to you.


VILA coin has been created with the Blockvila and crypto community at heart and in mind. VILA presents a sizeable opportunity for existing Blockvila users and those who wish to use Blockvila platforms and services.

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Excellent Support

Our support team is available to solve your problem 24/7.

Leaders Benefits

20% of all transaction fees will be shared to Top traders and Top Referrers every quarter of the year.


6% of your transaction fees will be repaid back to you monthly for 17 months .i.e 100% Transaction fees CASHBACK.

Vision Statement

Our Vision.

Though Blockvila has been an African based exchange since 2016. Blockvila’s vision is to go beyond Africa, to be truly global with digital asset exchanges in each of the major financial markets. Blockvila will set up local fiat-to-coin exchange in several country in different continents. Blockvila will build more features into the exchange which will help traders analyze and determine the right type of trades to make.

Mission Statement

Our Mission.

Increasing adoption of cryptocurrency using fiat currency cash flow—increasing the speed and ease by which fiat currencies can be exchanged for cryptocurrency in a legally-compliant manner. We do not dispute that the end goal of cryptocurrencies is to displace the place of fiat in our lives, but we believe that achieving these goals will only be possible after the ecosystem has developed, matured and saturated. Moreover, investment from outside the industry needs to reach the many vital projects that are working hard to improve and scale the technology.
And this is why Blockvila Mission is to continue to make fiat gateway an integral part of our crypto adoption.

We are Blockvila

Future Projects

The other planned features Blockvila will launch in the future will include, but not limited to:

  • Planned Addition of more currency pairs
  • Option Trading - researching
  • Margin Trading – researching
  • Cryptocurrency payment system (Credit and debit card)
  • Continuous support and improvement
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Real Estate Investment opportunities using the ViLa coin.
  • Remittance services- researching.
  • Academy

VILA Token Benefits.

VILA is a payment token at Blockvila Exchange, by which the trading fee,
listing fee, etc. can be paid. Furthermore, VILA provides a number of utilities
within the exchange platform, which include but are not be limited to:


Holders of VILA coin can stake their coins to earn 30% VILA yearly or to earn 15% in USDT while holding VILA coin.

Enhanced Referral bonus

Enhanced referral bonus.

Fee discounts

Trading fee discounts (as prescribed below).

Increased referral bonus

Increased referral bonus (dependent on VILA holding).

Early access

Early access to new features (dependent on VILA holding).


VILA Token Allocation (300,000,000 total VILA tokens).

Airdrop: 3,000,000 ViLa
Token sales: 150,000,000 ViLa
Team: 75,000,000 ViLa
Strategic Reserve: 72,000,000 ViLa

VILA Token Purchase Details

The private token sales has ended.

The public token sale starting date will be announced soon

Token sales price

$0.05 (subject to discount)

Soft cap


Hard Cap


Token Sales
Referral Benefits

Blockvila will award 10% bonus to users who refers a friend to purchase VILA token. The referrer has the option to choose to receive the Bonus either in BTC, ETH or VILA. Blockvila will integrate other token sale referral benefits.

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VILA Coin Listing

ViLa will be listed for Swapping, trade and staking on Blockvila exchange during the token sales and will be available for trading and withdrawal at the end of Token sales. Blockvila will also be listed on other exchanges and in coinmarketcap after successful conclusion of token sales.

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